erp系統 土豪的婚禮:126名伴娘創世界記錄(雙語)

  (來源:滬江英語)Sri Lankan couple Nisansala and Nalin tied the knot on Friday in a world-record-breaking ceremony。



  The pair beat the previous Guinness World Record holder for most number of bridesmaids at a wedding ceremony with a whopping 126 ‘maids. According to Reuters, the previous record was 96 bridesmaids at a wedding in Thailand。


  Champi Siriwardana — one of Sri Lanka’s leading wedding planners and dress designers (who also happens to be Nisansala’s sister-in-law) — came up with the idea to try to break the world record。

  Champi Siriwardana是斯裏蘭卡首席婚禮策劃人兼婚紗設計師,她也是新郎Nisansala的嫂子,就是她想出了要破世界記錄的主意。

  Twenty-five groomsmen, 20 page boys and and 23 flower girls and even First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa were in attendance at Nisansala and Nalin’s Big Day。



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